What Not to Eat to Avoid Constipation

We’ve all been there: having that discomforting feeling of not being able to completely empty our bowels. Indeed, constipation is a condition that many of us know from experience. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that it is one of the most uncomfortable conditions to go through.

There are people who are more prone to constipation than others. As someone who suffers constipation more often, it is vital to take several measures to avoid or at least minimise your chances of getting constipated again. 

Aside from taking medications and engaging in regular exercise, you should also make a few changes to your diet. Here’s a list of food you should NOT eat to avoid constipation. 


Bananas are quite tricky food to have when you’re trying to avoid constipation. Unripe bananas can contribute to constipation while ripe ones can offer relief to its symptoms. The reason for this is because unripe ones have a lot of starch, which can be difficult for the body to process and digest. 

Chewing Gum

It’s not exactly the chewing gum itself that’s the problem, it’s when your child has a tendency to swallow it. The gum, which is indigestible, can stay in the digestive tract and cause a blockage, which often leads to constipation. If you have children who tend to do this, make sure you educate them about the dangers of swallowing gum.


The caffeine found in coffee, soft drinks, black tea, and chocolate can cause two things: diarrhea and constipation. As such, make sure you don’t drink too many cups of coffee or consume too many soft drinks a day.

White Rice

Eating an excessive amount of white rice can lead to constipation because white rice has been depleted of its fibre and nutrients, which are both necessary elements to ensure a healthy digestive process. With that said, brown rice is definitely the better option as the husk, bran, and germ have not been removed. Brown rice is also a good source of protein.


This is a popular fruit that is most commonly eaten in Asian countries and not so much in Western ones. Though the sweet ones are usually okay, some varieties are found to contain high quantities of tannin, which can slow down the digestive process and worsen constipation. For someone who loves persimmon, make sure you eat the sweet kind.

Red Meat

Red meat can cause constipation for many reasons. For one, it has high-fat contents that slow down the digestive process. It also has tough protein fibres that can be difficult for the stomach to digest. Lastly, it has iron that is a contributing factor of constipation. If you can’t totally avoid meat, make sure you reduce your intake of it. 

There is nothing worse than feeling constipated, especially when you are at work. That’s why many people rely on medications like Movicol apart from changing their diets and lifestyle to avoid the discomfort.

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